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We are an internacional company, and We have our corporate in State of Mexico, in Mexico.

We have over 15 years of experience , 2,900 customers to date and more than 164 whosalers in Mexico and Central America.


Official Reselleres in Mexico from many Asian companies like:

GEVEY AIO (GVAIO) in Mexico, Mercado Libre and Latin America,  as well as OSS Client service.

Some of our services are:

1.- Cellphones (Telcel, Movistar and imported)    

2-.- Boxes for Unlock and repair cellphones

3.- Master distributor of electronic cellphones refill.

4.- Unlock of virtually every cell in the world

5.- Cleaning IMEI services for Mexico companies.

6.- And Now "Agente de seguros" Cotiza lo que necesites en la parte de arriba.


Av. Boreal # 144, Col. Atlanta
Cuautitlán Izcalli, Estado de México
C.P. 54740, Mexico
TEL: (+5255) 1676-5474

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